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With locations throughout Northwest Indiana, Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care
is committed to providing the best comprehensive pain management services!

Interested in joining our team?

Explore our company and how we can work together.

We’re a busy, rapidly growing company but with small business roots:

  • We have several locations but each is medium sized and has a family feel between team members
  • Each site’s team members play an important role in making that site run efficiently and helping the company deliver its goal to provide excellent service
  • Our employees take pride in their work, know that everyone has an impact on patient care, and are self motivated so they can keep up with a busy but satisfying day

Yes, we’re motivated and driven to be the best in our field, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on old-fashioned values.

We still believe in:

  • Strong leadership
  • Good communication
  • Continued learning
  • Company social gatherings

We ask our employees to do their best and we want to do the best for our employees!

We provide:

  • Professional working environment
  • Good pay
  • Promotion within
  • Employee benefits: Health insurance including dental and vision, life insurance, paid vacation, merit raises